BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport $199 per area       

** MENTION for this Offer! (New Clients Only)** (Upto 15 units of BOTOX® Cosmetic or 40 units of Dysport maybe used per area: Forehead “above the eyebrows,” frown lines “between the eyebrows,” crow’s feet “around the eyes,” bunny lines, lip lines, chin lines, gummy smile, tmj, brow lift, downturned smile).

Dermal Fillers starting at $399

(Select areas and dermal fillers for a limited time.)   




Nestled away in the shopping district of midtown in Manhattan this practice could not get any more boutique! Don’t expect any sales tactics here because the practice sells itself. Popular and loyal past clients return to this very young doctor for his magic touch. The doctor only performs facial injections and does all of the injections himself.  He is known to turn away patients for treatments that are not necessary…a great quality that you don’t find too often, trust us…you won’t! From the consultation to even the phone calls he is very committed to patient care and quality. You couldn’t be in better hands for your facial injections, especially for those of you that are looking for your first experience. You will definitely at some point hear his input on how important it is in being conservative with the treatments so you maintain your natural look.

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From prior patients: “I actually saw the doctor at exactly my appointment time. Very professional and took the time to explain everything. This doctor goes above and beyond to make you happy.” “He really explained everything and made me really comfortable. I’m so glad I took his advice on treating my forehead too. Definitely coming back!” “I don’t always have time to call for quick questions so it was so convenient that the staff texts and emails back so promptly. The doctor was also easily reachable.” There are a limited number of slots  so follow the booking instructions to make an appointment with DrYouthMD.

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